miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Things I do when I'm drunk

1. I’m not drunk, of course I can drink some more!
2. Oh my god I’m so hot!
3. I can dance to anything, let’s try salsa.
4. The DJ needs me and my music-tips.
5. I sing very well and know all the lyrics…perfect!
6. Sambuca? That’s a good idea!
7. I’ll just rest a little bit…
8. It’s too early to go home now, who will throw a morning-party?
9. Everyone would love a naughty text now!
10. It’s not far, let’s walk!
11. The floor looks nice, I will lie down here..
12. Anybody will be turned on if I dance like a porn-star.
13. If I don’t get that pizza slice or at least a kebab, I’ll die.

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